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How To Invest In Gold And Silver With GoldMoney

GoldMoney customers can buy gold bullion bars online and take physical delivery of their gold in handy units of 100 gram or one kilo (1,000 gram) 9999 gold bullion bars. This is made possible via a partnership with Baird & Co. Limited in London, England, a major refiner in the UK, conversion of goldgrams into physical gold bars for insured mailing or collection may be completed at any time.

We are aware of the fact that most gold investors do not want to take immediate
delivery but would prefer to keep their gold bullion  in secured offshore
vaults. This is why they can now open their private holding online and benefit
from the following goldbuzzer offer: Free precious metals storage for six months.


As an industry leader and keen advocate of precious metals ownership, GoldMoney sets new standards for governance and customer protection. GoldMoney built a proprietary system to absolutely ensure there always exists a one-to-one relationship between every single goldgram and silver ounce recorded in the GoldMoney system and the quantity of grams of pure gold bullion and ounces of silver in the insured vaults.


Buy gold bullion bars online safely and securely.
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“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero.”

Voltaire ( 1694- 1778)

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